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We bridge the gap between cool & conscious.

1AM Creative is a female-led creative and consulting agency offering a full service 360 approach, helping brands and talent elevate their value through innovative brand strategy and experiential marketing solutions + activations.

Our mission is to deliver results-oriented campaigns that enhance our clients’ awareness and promote growth + sales, while telling impactful stories and fostering community through collaboration.

1AM Creative has created and curated some of the most innovative and exclusive experiences and activations for an impressive roster of clients that includes Puma, Beats By Dre, Kanye West, Sprite, Jager Meister, Avion, Coors Light, Lyft, Red Bull, EA Sports, T-Mobile, Skype,Vevo, Viber, Def Jam, 2 Chainz, Travis Scott, YG, Migos and many more. They have activated at some of the biggest events across the U.S., including Coachella, ComplexCon, Art Basel, MTV Video Music Awards, NBA All-Star Weekend & the “YE” bonfire in Wyoming.

Our Team


Founder: Julieanna “YesJulz” Goddard

Julieanna Goddard, professionally known as YesJulz, is a well-known Miami-based entrepreneur, media personality and lifestyle guru. Julieanna has been paving the way for experiential marketing and holistic storytelling, creating memorable and immersive events and activations for globally-recognized brands and aligning them with the right talent to drive meaningful consumer engagement and value. She has earned the respect of her peers by being both the “talent” and the business woman, truly bringing her #NeverNotWorking mantra to life.

Creative Specialist:

Melina “Belle” Mercado

Project Manager:

Tommy Muench

Project Manager (NYC) : Brittany McGovern

Executive Assistant:

Gianni Cohen

Video Editor:



Nick Gallo

Besides our core team, 1AM Creative also collaborates with many creatives around the world to activate for our brands globally.

Our Clients

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